S‑5!® MLPE-Clip, Adapter Plates, E-Saddle, Screws, etc.

S‑5!® MLPE Mount™

Clip for mounting micro inverters and DC power optimisers on the inner module frame.

  • Cost-effective alternative to existing mounting solutions.
  • Stainless steel material – very stable and corrosion-resistant.
  • Simple and flexible installation with an M8 stainless steel screw.
  • Can be installed on the module frames of most manufacturers.
  • Serrated edges secure and ground the optimiser at any point on the module frame.

PU: 25 pieces per box.
Price up from €2.20/piece (plus shipping costs + VAT)

With S-5!® MLPE Mount™ you can attach micro inverters and power optimisers to the frame of the PV modules.

Angle- / L- Adapter Alu

Material: 6.25mm aluminium (EN AW 6036 T6)
Flanges: 38mm and 58mm long, 40mm wide
2 M9 oblong holes: 20mm + 40mm

PU: 100 pieces per box
Price: up from 1,70 €/piece (plus shipping costs + VAT.)

Angle- /L- Adapter Alu e.g. for mounting rails with lateral screw channel on S-5!® clamps with M8 thread.

Adapter Plate V2A

Material: 5mm stainless steel A2
Length: 80mm, width: 30mm
Round hole: M11, oblong hole: 40mm x 11mm

PU: 100 pieces per box
Price: up from 1,20 €/piece (plus shipping costs + VAT)

Adapter Plate V2A e.g. for mounting rails with bottom screw channel on the S-5!® clamps with M8 thread. 

E-Saddle for the S-5!® E-Clamps

Material: 0,5mm Stainless Steel
Length: 55mm
Wide: ca. 6mm
Weight: 11 gr / pcs.

Packed with 100pcs. per box.
Price: up from 1,30 €/piece (plus shipping costs + VAT.)


The stainless steel RoofTech E-Saddle creates a separation between the double standing seam of the copper roof and an aluminium S-5!® E-Clamp, E-Mini or E-Mini-FL, thus preventing electrochemical corrosion. This is a less than perfect, but more cost effective alternative to the S-5! B clamps.

The S-5!® Mini clamps with M8 thread are supplied without M8x16 stainless steel screws.
Please order separately if required:

Stainless Steel Screw M8x16

A2-70, fully threaded, hexagonal with flange
and locking teeth, DIN 6921 / EN 1665.

PU: 100 pieces per box.
VK: up from 0,26€/piece (plus shipping costs + VAT.)

Included in every S-5! Clamp box. But can also be ordered if required:

The set screws of the S-5!® clamps have a Torx-30 internal thread
The S-5!® set screws are available in two lengths:
13mm (for E + B clamps) and 23mm (for S, Z, N, H and R465 clamps).

One S-5!® Torx-30 Mounting Bit (for electric screwdrivers with torque control) for mounting the S-5!® set screws is included in each clamp box.

The tightening forces remain unchanged.

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