Protect your Solar Installation on Pitched Roofs

The dirtying of the solar system and the roof by bird excrements and nest buildings is a big trouble. The nests disturb the natural ventilation of the solar system from below. This results in a lower energy efficiency and an increased risk of fire. Damage to the cables and the modules can cause failures.

In addition, it is often much too hot under the solar modules for the birds and their eggs. And if the noise of the birds on the roof also bothers you, BirdBlocker is the solution to keep them out from under your solar system and prevent them from building their nests.

Unprotected solar systems: after dismantling the PV-modules, the nests and contaminates became visible.

The inner frame of your solar modules usually has a suitable flat profile on which the BirdBlocker strips can be easily and stably mounted with the BirdBlocker stainless steel mounting clips (for frame thicknesses of 1.2 – 2mm).

Installation at the inner frame with clips

Installed 10cm BirdBlocker

Installed 20cm BirdBlocker

Advantages in relation to conventional solutions:

  • Simple, also retrofit, installation with stainless steel clips
  • No screwing, drilling or gluing
  • No scratching or damage to the roof surface
  • UV resistant and recyclable
  • Stable and durable
  • 10 years product warranty

Specifications BirdBlocker 10cm high
(Art.No. BB100-30):

  • Length of the “needles”: 10 cm
  • Bridgeable height: 95mm
  • Length BirdBlocker stripe: 100cm per piece
  • Material: UV-resistant and recyclable HDPE, Colour: black
  • BirdBlocker Fixing-Clips: Material Stainless steel
  • Packed in boxes with 30m BirdBlocker stripes + 250 Fixing-Clips.

Specifications BirdBlocker 20cm high
(Art.No. BB200-30): 

  • Length of the “needles”: 20 cm
  • Bridgeable height: 195mm
  • Length BirdBlocker stripe: 50cm per piece
  • Needles are connected to each other for additional stability
  • Material: UV-resistant and recyclable HDPE, Colour: black
  • BirdBlocker Fixing-Clips: Material Stainless steel
  • Packed in boxes with 30m BirdBlocker stripes + 250 Fixing-Clips.

It is important to have a completely closed installation around the solar system and that the needles of the BirdBlocker stand stable on the roof surface to ensure resistance. BirdBlocker is not a 100% protection against nesting birds or other animals under the solar system. However, it obstructs and disturbs the birds and other animals very strongly when trying to get under the solar system.

Installation Instructions BirdBlocker BB100-30 – 10cm long needles:

Please note in general:

Always follow the BirdBlocker installation instructions. The installation of the BirdBlocker should only be carried out by qualified specialists with experience in installing PV systems on roofs. The suitability for the intended use of the solar system is checked by the owner and user himself. BirdBlocker is not 100% protection against the nesting of birds or other animals under the solar system. However, due to its construction, BirdBlocker strongly disturbs and hinders birds and other animals in accessing the system.

The installer is responsible not only for the professional installation, but also for the roof and the solar system on and to which he mounts the system. The installation instructions do not release the executing company from the obligation to clarify the possible uses and application of our products in connection with the other materials and products used on the individual object in advance. If technical details are not described separately, this does not release the company carrying out the work from the obligation to check the individual case and clarify the correct technical facts beforehand.

The specialist company responsible for the installation must ensure prior to installation that the installation is carried out strictly in accordance with national and site-specific building regulations, occupational safety and accident prevention regulations, and the regulations of the relevant authorities. Every person who installs the BirdBlocker is obliged to inform himself/herself about all rules and regulations for a professionally correct planning and installation and to comply with them during installation. This also includes obtaining the current status of the rules and regulations.

Before installing the BirdBlocker, old nests and other dirt under the solar system should be removed.

If nests with eggs or young birds are present, the Animal Protection Act must be observed and the veterinary office must be consulted in advance if necessary. BirdBlocker works best as a preventive measure to prevent nuisance from birds. DO NOT install the BirdBlocker during the breeding period. The birds will do their utmost to get under the solar panels because of their nesting urge. In several countries it is even punishable by law to disturb nests during this breeding period.

The respective installation instructions must always be observed. However, the respective installation instructions do not release the executing company from the obligation to clarify in advance the possible uses and applications of our products, also in connection with the other materials used, on the individual object.

RoofTech GmbH and BirdBlocker assume no responsibility and liability for suitability, effect, installation and correct use.

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