BirdBlocker Examples of Installations

The inner edge of your solar modules has most a suitable aluminium profile, on which the BirdBlocker can be mounted with the supplied clips. BirdBlocker is not a 100% protection against nesting birds or other animals under the solar system. The construction of BirdBlocker disturbs and impedes birds and other animals considerably. BirdBlocker is available with a 10cm and 20cm needle length and has been successfully installed at following international projects:

Please note in general:

Please note the BirdBlocker Installation Instructions. The installation of the BirdBlocker may therefore only be carried out by suitably trained specialists. The suitability of the solar system for the intended use must be checked by the owner and user himself. BirdBlocker is not a 100% protection against the nesting of birds or other animals on the roof. However, BirdBlocker’s construction greatly disrupts and hinders birds and other animals entering the solar system below.

The installer is not only responsible for the professional installation, but also for the roof and the solar system on which he mounts the BirdBlocker. The installation instructions do not release the executing company from the obligation to clarify in advance the possible uses and applications of our products in connection with the other materials and products used on the individual object.

ALWAYS PROVIDE WORKER FALL PROTECTION WHEN INSTALLING.  Before installation, it must be ensured by the specialist company responsible for the installation that the installation is carried out strictly in accordance with the national and site-specific building regulations, occupational safety and accident prevention regulations, standards and environmental protection regulations. Each person installing the BirdBlocker is obliged to independently inform himself about all rules and regulations for technically correct planning and installation and to observe them during installation. This also includes obtaining the current state of the rules and regulations. In the case of existing nests with eggs, the Animal Welfare Act must be observed and, if necessary, the veterinary office must be called in.

Please use these products responsibly! The user and/or installer of these parts is responsible for all necessary engineering. Due to the many variables involved with specific panel products, climates, snow melt phenomena, and job particulars, RoofTech and the manufacturer cannot and does not express any opinions as to the suitability of BirdBlocker assembly for any specific application and assumes no liability with respect thereto. This installation guide, the photographs and drawings herein are for the purpose of illustrating installation, tools and techniques, not system designs. Information contained within is intended to apply to the document as a whole. These instructions are for use by those experienced in installations on roofs.

Drawings and photos serve to clarify individual details and represent only recommended references. RoofTech and BirdBlocker do not assume any responsibility for suitability, installation and correct use. No liability for printing errors. Technical changes subject to modification.
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