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The download of parts of this web site or of files provided for this purpose on this web site is at your own risk. The same applies to the use of the downloaded files and content. RoofTech is neither liable for the correctness of the contents of this web site nor for the files made available for download. RoofTech accepts no liability for any direct or indirect damage arising from the use of the contents of the web site or the files provided. The further use of downloads or contents of this web site for commercial purposes is not permitted, unless otherwise stated in more specific terms of use. Otherwise, the download and use of the files made available for download are free of charge. The contents, files and downloads may only be used or passed on after consultation with RoofTech GmbH or Metal Roof Innovations Ltd..

No liability for printing errors. Technical changes subject to modification. All rights reserved.

The photographs and drawings on the homepage and in all documents are for the purpose of illustrating installation, tools and techniques, not system designs. S-5! products are protected by international patents of Metal Roof Innovations, Ltd.. Link to S-5! Therms of Use

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