Mounting Solutions for Photovoltaic with S-5!®

The Mini-Clamps from S-5! provide sufficient holding strength to install PV-systems on many types of standing seams metal roofs without penetrating them. With the S-5! PV-Kit you can fix photovoltaic modules with frames from 33 to 64 mm directly onto the standing seam, without using rail-systems. Rail systems can be simply and securely fastened to seams with the S-5!-Mini-Clamps. They are usually sufficient for this purpose and many international mounting system supplier use the S-5! clamps for their systems since many years.

S-5!-PV-Kit mounted with E-Mini on double folded standing seams.

S-5! PV-Kit between two modules

PV-Kit as end/edge – condition

PV-Kits fixed on Z-Mini clamps

Photovoltaic system mounted with rails and other components fixed with E-Mini – clamps on double-folded seam roofs.

Photovoltaic system mounted with rail systems fixed on Z-Mini – clamps.

Different types of mountings on Z-Mini and Z-Mini-FL

Rails fixed with R465-Mini-Clamps

Rail-system fixed with adapter on S-Mini

PV mounting on copper roof with B-Mini

S-5-K-Grip-Mini with GXM10 insert on a Domitec profile roof. Perfect form-fit and very stable.

S-5! Q-Mini-Clamp for round seams with a larger diameter up to 29mm. Project Curling Halle, Geneva

S-5! N-1.5 mini clamps on nail strip standing seam. Neerlandia PV project in Utrecht.

Solar thermal energy mounted horizontally and elevated on E-mini clamps.