Various Applications attached with S-5! Clamps

Metal roofs are known to be a safe and permanently tight roof covering. With S-5! clamps various installations can be mounted easy, securely and without piercing the metal roof. The S-5! Clamps provide reliability, durability and unmatched holding strength which can’t be achieved by other products in the market.

Satellite dishes, antennas and associated cable conduits: flexibly and stably mounted, without penetrations, with S-5! clamps.

Cable duct on standing seam roof

Pipe clamp mounted on E-Mini

Cable box on standing seam roof

Various components installed with E-Mini Clamps. Flexible and durable.

Air conditioning stably mounted with S-5! U-Mini-Clamps

Chimney fixing with Z-Clamps

Railing system easy and strong mounted with S-5! clamps

Staircase attached with Z-Mini on a round “bulb” seam roof.

Walkways and steps fixed with E-Minis on a double folded seam roof.

Sign fixed with S-Mini at a facade

Restaurant sign installed with B-Clamps

Lightning arrester mounted with Z-Mini

Simple, stable and non-penetrating installation examples on facades with S-Mini, S-Clamps and E-Clamps

Please note:

  • The user checks the suitability for the intended use himself.
  • If technical details are not described separately, this does not release the executing company from the obligation to examine the individual case and clarify the correct technical facts beforehand.
  • S-5! Clamps are not suitable as fall protection or fall protection.
  • The S-5! terminals may only be used in a certified and approved fall protection system.
  • The respective system provider for fall protection is responsible for this and must provide proof of this.

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