CADDY® Pyramid Tool-Free Kits

for the easy and professional installation of cable trays and pipes on flat roofs

A solar system can only remain permanently functional if the cables and wires are routed properly. Plug connections and cables may not lie on the roof surface. It is therefore necessary to choose a laying method that is weatherproof and also protects against mechanical stresses, e.g. with pipes, cable trays or cable ducts.

Pipe and cable laying
with Tool-Free 152 + clamps
Mesh cable tray mounted with
Clamps on Tool-Free 254
Cable duct made of perforated plate – fixed with pins.

Take the advantages of the CADDY Tool-Free Kits for your projects:

  • Easy to transport to the roof due to low weight. Packed in boxes.
  • Quick and easy installation with clamps or pins into the topside holes.
  • UV- and corrosion resistant. Material: PP und PE.
  • Foam bottom for protection of the roof membrane.
  • Compatible with roof surfaces including Bitumen and PVC roofing membranes, metal and spray foam. As well gravel and green roofs.
  • Optimal mounting level 102 mm off the roof.

Practical examples – judge for yourself:

Cable tray on concrete blocks:
complex transport and fastening, very high point loading.
Professional laying of cable ducts on tool-free stands. Easy transport to the roof. Simple and quick installation.
A photovoltaik system can only function permanently with professional cable routing.

The CADDY Pyramid Tool-Free feet are available in
3 sizes and in kits with clips or pins:

Tool-Free Kit 152,
Art.No. 360460:

Width Surface Area: 140 mm
incl. 1 Tool-Free Clamp PTF1C.
Weight: 0,3kg.
20 pieces per box.
Tool-Free Kit 254,
Art.No. 360461:

Width Surface Area: 254 mm
incl. 2 Tool-Free Clamps PTF2C.
Weight: 0,5kg.
10 pieces per box
Tool-Free Kit 406,
Art.No. 360462:

Width Surface Area: 300/406mm
incl. 2 Tool Free Clamps PTF2C.
Weight: 1 kg.
5 pieces per box.
Top view
with fixing holes
Tool-Free bracket
available in 2 sizes.
Tool-Free Pin
head diameter 20mm

Please ask us for more information and quotation.