K-Grip Clamps for Klip-lok, Saflok, Domitec, etc.

S-5-K Grip-on-seam

The S-5!® K-Grip-clamps, made of Aluminium, were specifically developed to fit Klip-lok, Klip-Rib, Domitec, Saflok and other similar bulb snap-together seams.

The design utilizes multiple inserts (sold separately) in order to accommodate a variety of bulb snap together profiles.

 Montage auf Beispiel-Profil
S-5-K-Grip-Clamp and GX50-Insert
and GX50 – Insert
S-5-K-Grip-Mini und GXM10 – Insert
and GXM10 – Insert
S-5-K-Grip Klemme

The K-Grip-Clamp with two bolts sideways (and one centered M8 thread on top and M8 stainless steel bolt) is used for heavy demands e.g. fall protection systems and in the ColorGard® snow retention. (20 pieces per box)

S-5-K-Grip-Mini Klemme

The K-Grip-Mini with one bolt sideways (and M8 thread and M8 stainless steel bolt on top)  are utilized in various instances when multiple clamps are required for the attachment of rigid objects to the seams.
(40 pieces per box). 

For mounting rails with screw channels underside or beside, the K-Grip-Mini can be easily and inexpensively combined with different adapter plates:
Download (pdf) Product Info Adapter Plates

The following innovations and changes will be made step by step from July 2020. After the current stock of the respective article has been sold off, we will also make the changes.

  • In the future the S-5!® Mini-Clamps will be delivered without M8x16 stainless steel screws. The changeover will take place after the sale of the previous boxes. The M8-screws can then be ordered separately from us, packed with 100 pieces per box.
  • The set screws of the S-5! clamps will be supplied with Torx 30 female thread in the future. A mounting bit (Torx T30) will be supplied in each box as before. The tightening forces remain unchanged.

The K-Grip-Clamps are actually not on stock available but can be shipped from S-5!, USA, after costumer request – even in small quantities and in short time with air freight. Please call us for quote.

Four different inserts are packed and sold separately:

Each insert has a unique shape that allows for a tight fit at the profile and provides increased holding strength.

  • GX10- or GX50- Inserts for the K-Grip-Clamp (100 pieces per box).
  • GXM10- or GXM50- Inserts for the K-Grip-Mini  (200 pieces per box).

Seam Profiles and the Insert Options:

With Insert S-5-GX10 or S-5-GXM10:

  • Domico: Domitec
  • McElroy Metal Mirage
  • AEP Span Klip-Rib®
  • Metal Sales Clip-Loc
  • SpeedDeck® SpeedDeck®
  • Safintra Saflok 410
  • Safintra Saflok 700
  • or similar profiles.

With Insert S-5-GX50 or S-5-GXM50:

  • Lysaght: Klip-lok Classic 700
  • Lysaght: Klip-lok 700 Hi-Strength
  • Stramit: Speed Deck Ultra
  • Filders: KingKlip 700
  • or similar profiles.

If you have a profile not listed here, please contact us.

S-5-K-Grip Inserts
S-5-K-Grip Inserts

Profile – Examples:

Profil Saflok 700 von Safintra
Profile Safintra
Saflock 700
Profil Domitec von Domico
Profile Domitec
from Domico
Profil Klip-lok von Lysaght
 Profile Lysaght Klip-lok 700 Hi-Strenght
Profil SpeedDeck
Profile Stramit
Speed Deck Ultra

Examples of Applications:

K-Grip-Mini Suedafrika Saflok
S-5-K-Grip Schienenmontage
S-5-K-Grip-Mini Renusol mounting system
S-5-K-Grip-Mini with GXM10-Insert installed under different rail systems on Saflok and Domitec profiles.

Install S-5! K-Grip Clamps:

The S-5-K Grip utilizes multiple inserts in order to accommodate a variety of bulb snap-together profiles. Each insert has a unique shape that allows for a tight fit and provides increased holding strength over other attachment options. The appropriate seam profiles for each insert option are listed above and on the back of the installation instructions. The head of the clamp’s flanged bolts control the amount of compression, which reduces the possibility of over-compressing the seam, and makes installation a snap!

 1. Position clamp insert at desired location along the rib, just under the fold of the rib. Don’t fix the clamps on or beside the clips! The thermal elongation of the panels may not be hindered!

 2. Roll the clamp into position over the seam and clamp insert piece. Position the clamp so that it is centered over the clamp insert with approximately 2mm of insert overhang on each side of the clamp.

 3. Partially thread the two flanged bolts into the base of the S-5-K Grip by hand, or the single flanged bolt into the base of the S-5-K Grip Mini. The bolts should engage the divots in each end of the S-5-K Grip insert and in the center of the S-5-K Grip Mini insert.

 4. Tighten the bolts at the base of the S-5-K Grip using a ratchet or screw gun with a 13mm hex. For optimal holding strength, bolts should be tensioned to 200 in. lbs. For the S-5-K Grip Mini, tighten the single flanged bolt to the specified torque.

Please note the installation instructions (To download under information and included in each box).

Please note in general:

Please make sure that the load coming into the clamp will be taken by the structure of the roof. Assumption is that the determination has been made that the roof to which the S-5! clamps will be attached is structurally adequate. Any loads imposed on the S-5! clamps will be transferred to the panels. Panel seams must have sufficient flexural strength to carry these loads. Panels must also be adequately attached to the building structure, and the structure must be sufficient to carry these loads. In particular, the snow and wind loads, the additional loads from the installations attached to the clamps, as well as the increased loads in the edge and corner areas of the roof construction must be taken into account. A sufficient number of clamps must be provided. For statically relevant clamps, a distance of at least 500 mm from the end of the standing seam profile must be maintained. RoofTech, the makers and distributor of S-5! clamps make no representations with respect to these variables. It is the responsibility of the user to verify this information, or seek assistance from a qualified design professional or stress analyst, if necessary.

Responsible for the stability of a building structure is the building owner or the owner or operator. The installer of the system is responsible not only for the system but also for the roof on which the system is installed. Whoever installs a system on an existing roof without having checked the stability beforehand, violates existing law! For critical installations, inquire for specific test data of ultimate tensile load on specific panel materials and seam types. The sufficient holding force of the roofing to the supporting or substructure must always be ensured. The sufficient holding force of the roofing on the supporting or substructure must always be guaranteed. Proof must be provided by the customer or installer. In cases of doubt, a structural engineer must be consulted to determine the loads and its effects.  

Please note the installation instructions of the respective S-5!® clamps and the other products used! Mounting the clamps take care that the set screws and bolts are tightened with the right screw tension as written in each installation instruction (also available under "Information" and on the homepage of S-5!: www.s-5.com). When tabled values are used, screw tensions should be verified and factors of safety should be used as appropriate.

When mounting rigid objects such as rails, pipes, cable trays, etc. on the clamps, these must be separated at regular intervals (max. 3m) in order to limit deformation due to thermal length changes.The thermally induced change in length of the roofing must not be hindered!

With some roofs made of profiled sheets (e.g. with round bulb seams, snap seams, RibRoof seams, etc.), it must be ensured that the clamps in the sliding area of the sheets are not mounted on or next to the holders of the roofing. In the case of double standing seam roofing, the S-5!® E and B clamps can, under certain circumstances, hinder the thermally induced length change of the sheet if, despite the high clamping point of the S-5!® E and B clamps, the foot of a sliding clip extends into the clamping area of the clamp. In this case, the S-5!® E and B clamps should be placed at a distance of 25 mm from the sliding clips.

In the case of handcrafted metal roofing on wooden formwork, the edge and corner areas should not be covered with modules due to the limited load-bearing capacity of the roofing and the adhesives. In the central area, the skipping of seams are usually not possible. Therefore we recommend to install clamps on each seam. The installation of PV systems represents a punctual load entry, therefore we recommend reduced clip distances and screwed clips. The mounting and fastening of the clamp should be carried out between the clips to achieve an optimal load sharing.

The material properties of the respective metals, the combination with each other as well as the installation instructions and regulations of all manufacturers involved (including those of the metal roof) must be observed.

The suitability for the intended use is checked by the user himself. If technical details are not described separately, this does not release the company carrying out the work from its obligation to check the individual case and clarify the correct technical facts beforehand.

It must be ensured by the planner and the specialist company responsible for the installation that the planning and installation are carried out strictly in accordance with the national and site-specific building regulations, occupational safety and accident prevention regulations, standards and environmental protection regulations. Every person who plans and installs with our products is obliged to inform himself independently about all rules and regulations for technically correct planning and installation and to observe them. This also includes obtaining the current status of the necessary rules and regulations.

S-5!® Warning: Please use the products responsibly! Visit our website of S-5! (www.s-5.com) or contact your S-5! distributor for available load test results. The user and/or installer of these parts is responsible for all necessary engineering and design to ensure the S-5! clamps have been properly spaced and configured.

Notice to S-5! users: Due to the many variables involved with specific panel products, climates, snow melt phenomena, and job particulars, the manufacturer cannot and does not express any opinions as to the suitability of any S-5! assembly for any specific application and assumes no liability with respect thereto. S-5! products are tested for ultimate holding strength on various profile types and materials. Visit www.S-5.com for more details.

The user and/or installer bears also the responsibility not only for the professional installation, but also for the roof on which he is mounted. The user and/or installer must always clarify in advance the application possibilities and application of our products in connection with the other used materials and products at the single project.

The user and/or installer of all our products is responsible for all necessary engineering and design to ensure that the S.5! clamps and other products has been properly spaced and configured. It is the responsibility of the user to verify this information, or seek assistance from a qualified design professional or stress analyst, if necessary. RoofTech, the makers and distributor of S-5! clamps make no representations with respect to these variables.

The S-5! clamp is a handy gadget for a great many uses, but will not perform miracles. PLEASE USE THE PRODUCTS RESPONSIBLY!

For critical installations, inquire for specific test data of ultimate tensile load on specific panel materials and seam types. When tabled values are used, screw tensions should be verified and factors of safety should be used as appropriate. RoofTech and the manufacturer expresses no opinions as to the suitability of the S-5! products for any specific application or project condition.


The respective installation instructions must always be observed. However, the respective installation instructions do not release the executing company from the obligation to clarify in advance the possible uses and applications of our products, also in connection with the other materials used, on the individual project.

RoofTech GmbH, S-5!® - Metal Roof Innovations Ltd. and the manufacturers of our other products assume no responsibility and liability for assembly, suitability and applications.

Further information and the individual installation instructions for our products can be downloaded under "Information". We would be pleased to send you the respective installation instructions and the requested information. We look forward to your message or call.

Additional information, load test results, CAD details, metallurgical compatibilities, specifications and information about other S-5! products are available on the homepage of S-5!: www.s-5.com.

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