RoofTech Single-Tube Snow Retention

Snow retention with the RoofTech Single-Tube Holder is a strong and visually attractive snow guard system. The Single-Tube holder, material stainless steel, will be fixed on the S-5! Mini-Clamp and a common 32/2mm-tubes will be sliding into the tube holder. Optional we offer ice stopper.

Quick and easy installation on S-5! E-Mini clamp 
An oblique mounting is also easy possible.
Good looking application with the S-5! Z-Mini

The RoofTech Single-tube holder and the S-5! Mini-clamps can support significantly higher loads than conventional snow guard systems. Due to this fact the RoofTech Single-Tube system needs often less clamps and less rows of snow guard which makes it very effective and the installation is very simple and fast. One more benefit is that the tube lies optimal direct on the seam.

The stainless steel RoofTech Single-Tube holder can be fixed on all S-5! Mini-clamps (also B-Mini for copper roofs !)

Optional we offer ice-stopper, which will be fixed between the lower pipe and the roof. To prevent the ice from sliding beneath the snow guard tube we recommend to install ice stoppers.

Examples of Applications:

Single Tube snow retention on S-5! E-Mini clamp on a double folded seam roof
Single tube snow retention with S-5! Z-Mini on a round bulb seam roof
RoofTech single and double pipe system perfectly combined, fixed on S-5! E-Mini

Installation RoofTech Single-Tube Holder Type B:

A professional snow guard is used for traffic safety and protects pedestrians and objects from falling snow and iceloads. The dimensioning and design of a snow guard system depends on the building use and location as well as the roof shape and pitch. The responsibility for this always remains with the builder or building owner. RoofTech GmbH and S-5!® – Metal Roof Innovations Ltd. generally recommend that the snow guard system is planned and dimensioned by a qualified professional.

  • Loosely pre-mount the Single Tube Holder Type B with the M8 stainless steel screw on the S-5!® Mini Clamps suitable for the type of seam and thread it onto the snow guard tube (max. diameter 32mm).
  • Position the Singe Tube Holder correctly on the seam using the S-5! Mini clamp and tighten the set screw of the Mini clamp with a tightening force of 15-17 Nm. Please observe the installation instructions for the used S-5!® Clamp.
  • For some profiles and clamps, the mounting must not be carried out on the clips or holders!
  • Finally fix the Single Tube Holder by tightening the M8 stainless steel screw with 30 Nm on the S-5!® Mini clamp.
  • Each tube must be fixed to one holder to prevent it from moving sideways. To do this, screw a sheet metal screw into the tube in the middle of the both tube lugs of one holder per tube.
  • Between the tubes (max. 3m long) in a row, a sufficient distance must be provided for the thermally induced change in length of the pipes.
  • To prevent ice or snow slabs from slipping off, additional ice stoppers (1 to 2 per share, spacing 30cm) should be mounted between the pipe and the roof cladding (available as accessories).

General Notes for Planning Snow Retention with S-5!

Please follow legal and official requirements for snow retention! Depending on the roof pitch, height above sea level or snowiness, suitable snow guard systems are prescribed and must be calculated and designed professionally. With the snow guard system, the push effect of the snow lying on the roof is to be prevented by one or more rows of snow guards covering the entire area. The decision on the dimension and design of a snow guard system depends on the use and location of the building, and responsible therefor is always the owner of the building. In case of doubt, a structural engineer should be consulted to determine the loads and the dimensioning of the snow guard system.

Assumption is that the determination has been made that the roof to which the snow retention and the S-5! clamps will be attached is structurally adequate. Any loads imposed on the snow retention and S-5! clamps will be transferred to the roof panels. Panel seams must have sufficient flexural strength to carry these loads. Roof panels must also be adequately attached to the building structure, and the structure must be sufficient to carry these loads. The makers and distributor of the RoofTech and S-5! products make no representations with respect to these variables.

It is the responsibility of the user and/or installer to verify this information, or seek assistance from a qualified design or structural professional, if necessary. The user and/or installer of these parts is responsible for all necessary engineering and design to ensure the snow retention and S-5! clamps have been properly spaced and configured. Due to the many variables involved with specific products, climates, snow fall and melt phenomena, and job particulars, the manufacturer and supplier cannot and does not express any opinions as to the suitability of any RoofTech- and S-5!- assembly for any specific application and assumes no liability with respect thereto.

The lowest snow guard row should generally be installed about 20 to 25 cm from the edge of the eaves. If additional rows of snow guards are provided, the roof surface should be divided into sections of approximately equal size in order to achieve an even load and the best possible effectiveness.

The material properties of the respective metals, the combination with each other and the installation instructions and regulations of all manufacturers involved (including those of the metal roof) must be observed.

The user and/or installer bears also the responsibility not only for the professional installation, but also for the roof on which he is mounted. The user and/or installer must always clarify in advance the application possibilities and application of our products in connection with the other used materials and products at the single project. The snow guard systems are not suitable as fall protection.

Please note always the installation instructions of the S-5! Clamps (included in every product box). The instructions and more information to download on our homepage: The photographs and drawings herein are for the purpose of illustrating installation, tools and techniques, not system designs.

The responsibility for the assembly and the applications is in principle not accepted from RoofTech GmbH und S-5!® – Metal Roof Innovations Ltd..

Please note always the installation instructions (included with every shipment). The instructions and and more information to download under “Information“. 

The photographs and drawings herein are for the purpose of illustrating installation, tools and techniques, not system designs.  S-5! products are protected by international patents of Metal Roof Innovations, Ltd.. Link to S-5! Therms of Use

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