RoofTech GmbH exclusively distributes special products
for fastening in the European roof market.

S-5!® Products manufactured by Metal Roof Innovations, Ltd., USA, CADDY® Products from nVent-Erico, USA, the BirdBlocker and accessories for PV-mounting and snow retention are distributed on an exclusive basis in Europe. Delivery is executed from the RoofTech warehouse. The sales office and order processing is located in Weil der Stadt, Germany. Both near to Stuttgart.

Download RoofTech Information about S-5!® Changes up from July 2020

Products for Solar Mounting

Mounting with S-5! PV-Kit 2.0 MidGrab, S-5! Clamps for rail solutions, Multi-Trapezoidal Bracket MTH

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The respective installation instructions must always be observed. However, the respective installation instructions do not release the executing company from the obligation to clarify in advance the possible uses and applications of our products, also in connection with the other materials used, on the individual project.

RoofTech GmbH, S-5!® – Metal Roof Innovations Ltd. and the manufacturers of our other products assume no responsibility and liability for assembly, suitability and applications.

The installation instructions and more information to download under “Information”.
Load test results, CAD details, metallurgical compatibilities, specifications, S-5! Terms of Use and additional information are available on the homepage of S-5!: We would also be pleased to send you the respective installation instructions and the requested information. We look forward to your message or call.

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